What is the *upload* speed that comes with the 10mbps plan?

What is the *upload* speed that comes with the 10mbps plan?


10 Mbps? (like in the Plan Selection page)


1.5 Mbps? (like in the "Choose your speed" page)


* Plan Selection page: https://fizz.ca/en/internet-plan?DATA_CAPACITY=10250&DOWNLOAD_SPEED=11332&PLAN=1004

* "Choose your speed" page: Click on the "Help me choose my speed" link in the Plan Selection page.




  • Mike
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    Yes the upload is 1,5
  • Yelena
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    10 mbps is the download speed (when you receive data on your side). 1.5 mbps is the upload speed (when you send data to the internet).
  • Anyone got this plan and could test the speed?
  • It's always the same with any provider
    download/upload....Download is always way faster than upload.
  • Hi Zack I have this plan, speed test gives me 11mb download and 1.68 upload.
    Best of luck
  • I believe this topic could be closed since I provided the upload and download speed on the fizz 10mb plan
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