I'm thinking of joining Fizz and have a few questions?

I'm sorry if this is covered elsewhere on the site but I did search and could not find my answer. I'm thinking of joining Fizz as I find myself traveling a lot to the United States and my current mobile provider charges $7 a day. I understand that with Fizz, I can select Canada and US coverage and I can use my account in both countries (please correct me if I am wrong).
So a few questions.
Currently I have 1000 minutes to call the UK each month with my provider. When I first looked at Fizz, the UK was listed as an international call add on but now this destination is no longer listed. Is a 1000 minutes add on to the UK still available?
Are texts limited to Canada or international? Currently I have international and would like to retain this as I have family in the UK and friends in Australia.
I estimate my time in the USA will not exceed 3 months per year but if I choose the US / Canada usage, is there a time limit on when I can use my plan in the US?
If I select US and Canada usage, when I am in the US, are calls to US numbers included or should I use Hangouts dialler instead to call US numbers. Similarly, if I am in the US, can I still call Canadian numbers and UK numbers (with the add on if it still exists) from the US?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions and thank you for your help.


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