Did not receive a notifiaction of my scheduled appointment of today for internet installation... Is

Seems as if should of received a notifiaction or reminder of some sort of my iminent internet installation ( for today) but I haven't.... Is this normal? when I go see in my appointment I see it is marked as "scheduled".


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    Sometimes the tech is call and sometime no :(


    I haven’t been contacted by the technician. Is that normal?
    • The technician won’t contact you if he plans to be there within the time slot reserved. He’ll only contact you if he is early or late based on what was planned.

    • To check the time slot reserved for your appointment, log into your Fizz account. Select your Home Internet plan and click on My Appointments. The time slot you see there is your reference.

  • You won't be contact ,unless there is an issue
  • If by any chance you are not at home when the tech arrives, you’ll get a phone call from him. In my case that’s what happened, I asked him to wait 5 minutes for me to get home.
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    In my case the tech called when he was downstairs.
  • Yelena
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    @Jessica: did the technician show up? If not you need to reschedule the appointment.
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