How to Guarantee my phone will have service in the US?

Good morning everyone,
In September we are going to the US (Wildwood) for a week.
How can I guarantee our 2 Phones (Iphone 7 and Iphone SE) will have full coverage in the US.
I will be switching our Plan from Canada to Canada+US in August
I will also activate the Roaming option on Both Phones.
When I say full coverage, I'm referring to Txt, Voice and Data.
Thanks for all the answers.


  • Until you get there and try it, I don't think you can guarantee that it will work but I've never noticed any problems (I've driven from Florida to Ottawa a few times with my phone and seemed to have coverage the whole way and most recently was in Plattsburgh, NY a few weeks ago and it was fine).
    As far as switching, you're probably already aware of this but it only the switch is only active on the next billing cycle so make sure you do it in time (i.e. if you're billing starts mid-month, if you switch on the 3rd week, you have to wait until the middle of the next month for it to apply).
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