I am a potential customer that want to know how travel charges work. Can you explain please?

Typical countries are US, China, Thailand, France.
I saw your other thread about traveling for Beta users. I couldn't add a comment. :-(


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    @Richard: can you please close this topic by choosing the best answer?
  • I was in Thailand 2 years ago, and I bought a SIM card at Bangkok airport (DTAC). I was very satisfied, and most coffee shops and restaurants have wifi. I would believe that France also, have interesting tourists plan. For the time being, with Fizz I would keep it simple.
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    Like @Stéphane said, I believe is better deal to buy a prepaid travel sim card for the destination country that you are traveling. You can find these SIM card at Amazon.ca. For example, travelling to Asia you can buy a data plan sim card for about $24 and works for both China and Thailand. I'm sure is available for US, Europe as well.
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