What happened to the Home Internet coverage map?

The main Fizz website links to https://fizz.ca/coverage-map for Home Internet, but there is nothing there. Does anybody know why - or what the proper link should be?


  • You don't need the map. Just try ordering for your internet service. You will receive an error message if you are not eligible in your area.
  • jellodog
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    To all of you answering "you don't need the map" - I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful, but it's not really answering my query. The first part of the query is pointing out that there is a broken link on the website, which explicitly states that there is a map and tries to link to where the map once was; so it should be fixed. Hopefully somebody that works for Fizz will see this and sort that out.
    On to the second part of the issue. Yes, I did try to sign up for Home Internet and after putting in my details I got bounced out, and told that the service was not offered at my address. It's a bit of a slap in the face, but well... it only happened once. Except that I do need the map... because:
    1. I would never have applied for Home Internet in the first place if I had been able to view the map.
    2. I would like to know where the edges of the coverage of the map are, so I can see if the edge of coverage is close to where I live - this would be useful because if it was close, I could occasionally check back to see if there was progress towards my address being included.
    3. Without a Home Internet coverage map, I'll need to apply for Home Internet every week, simply to find out if my address is covered.
    TBH - I can see now that the short answer to all this is that "there is no map" - so I've effectively answered my own question.
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