I would like to know if the VIP installation for home is actually worth it?

Louis C. #6957
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Hey guys! Newbie here just pulled the trigger on the home internet services for 30mbps at $40. While scheduling the installation I was prompted with a free installation or a $30 VIP set up. I was wondering how difficult is the installation process if I were to do it myself? Could it be worth just dropping the extra cash for less hassle?


  • Mike
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    The difference is the router configuration, should be straight forward if you already did.
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  • J D. #792
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    if you are able you follow instruction and pretty comfortable with windows, I think you can save the 30$ VIP setup. If you currently use cable internet, it's even easier. Basically, without VIP service, the tech will come to your house and setup/verify the cable line for you and drop off the modem. All you need to do it's follow the instruction that comes with the modem. It's really straight forward.
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