Not having the speed I am paying for?

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So I recently switched to Fizz and I'm paying for 60Mbs but only receiving around 10Mbs and I checked on 3 speed test website.I already tried multiple things and no result from anything I tried.Any tips?


  • Fizzy
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    You need to check with a wired ethernet connection first.

    Here are tips provided by Fizz:


    If above testing yields subpar speeds, then you need to contact Fizz support.

  • blix
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    Hard wired connection is always the best. I have a 60mbps connection, and a PS4 connected with wi-fi. It usually never gets that high. 30, 40 mbps max. Lots of interference, I guess... or I microwave popcorn whilst gaming too much..
  • J D. #792
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    with cable internet the speed is quite stable and usually very close to what you sign up for. Either your test or the connection setup have issue or Fizz's mistake to set you up on the 10Mbps profile. I suggest you contact Fizz to find out if you profile is ready setup for 60Mbps on Fizz's server. This is a common mistake that all ISP made.
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