Are the Fizz APN setting incompatible with using a hotspot on an LG G6+?

From a factory-reset LG G6+ phone, I experience the following:
1. Default APN: Phone gets data in some geographic locations (such as Pointe-Claire), and when it does my phone's hotspot works for connected devices. Connected devices can browse the internet.
2. Fizz APN: Phone gets data in all geographic locations (such as in the USA and around Canada), but my hotspot has "no internet" for connected devices.
This is a severe problem because I am unable to use my laptop in most geographic locations.
Additional Detail:
- My wife's phone, an LG V20, with the Fizz APN, can provide a working hotspot.
- I tried the "Manage plan > advanced parameters, Fizz network parameters" option, which sends 2 texts. I got two them, clicked "Install" on each, waited 4 minutes, restarted the phone, but this results in no data at all. I had to "Restore Detauls Settings" on the APNs, and follow the manual process. This still results in situation #2, above.
Please assist. This may be device related, as Fizz's APN settings do provide a working hotspot on at least 2 other devices I'm aware of.


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