SIM card - order and fees

Is there a Fizz center to get the SIM card from or it has to be sent by mail? And choosing auto-payment, does the $10 SIM card charge get waived or discounted like other service providers?


  • Mike
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    At this time the SIM can be only delivered, and not the 10$ are not waived :(
  • Fizzy
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    It is $10+tax for the SIM card and it includes delivery.


    Btw if you know a friend or family member who used to subscribe to Fizz mobile, the SIM card can be reused.

  • Fizz process for SIM card is pretty straight forward. You buy it on theis website ($10 + tax now), and it will be shipped to your delivery address. It's pretty fast then you can select your mobile package. However that $10+tax is not waived when you activate your service. In my case, it went pretty fast and smooth. In case of problems, this Community is a good Help Center, Fizz has Help Center as well, and they have a support team that can be reached during business hours through a Chat, Messenger. Welcome aboard.
  • GOAT
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    SIM cards are sent by mail. There is no storefront. Also, the $10 fee is not refunded. If you know someone with an extra/old/unused Fizz SIM card, you can reuse it.
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