Anyone has experience travelling abroad?

Mia G.
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I'll go in Italy for a week in a few weeks and I'd like to know if anyone knows if I can trust the coverage will be good there?
It will be my first time travelling on my own so I dont have much experience for that. My parents told me last time they travelled to Europe their phones wouldnt work but that was 10 years ago with Fido if I recall correctly.
Considering the mishaps Fizz had in the recent months I'm wary.


  • Fizz works great in China. Roaming partner in China is Unicom. Great coverage in big cities. Speed is only 3G though.
  • Fizzy
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    There are many Telecoms to choose from in Italy.

    You should be able to get a foreigner package plan for 10 euros

  • Mia G.
    Mia G. Posts: 17
    Thank you @Mike, @Bill, @GOAT, @Fizzy for the infos :) I'll check the different options!
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