No SMS or Mobile Data?

Jan O.
Jan O. Posts: 3
I'm not getting any texts nor are my texts being received. I don't have mobile data coverage as well. But I am able to receive calls. Whatvs going on? This was since Friday.


  • Kenny L. #23
    Kenny L. #23 Posts: 794
    Haven't noticed any issues here. Try rebooting your phone.
  • Mike
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    This morning there was a problem
  • Jan O.
    Jan O. Posts: 3
    Already tried rebooting and shutting down. For now, what seems to fix it is manually choosing a network. The 4G network wasn't available a while ago though. Not sure if I'm able to receive texts still.
  • J D. #792
    J D. #792 Posts: 314
    No problem here in Montreal downtown
  • No problem on south shore of Mtl. where are you located?
  • GOAT
    GOAT Posts: 227
    No problem in the Ottawa area.
  • Jan O.
    Jan O. Posts: 3
    I'm in the Cote des Neiges area. I fixed the mobile data. Got rid of my APN settings and just retyped it. Still not receiving texts though. Somehow my housemate's phone is fine and he's Fizz too.
  • hoomanvhd
    hoomanvhd Posts: 8
    if you don't receive texts it may be the problem of the sender operator, sometimes I had this problem with TelUS. and also despite of this problem, if you reset your carrier, it may help you.
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