How do you raise a ticket - no picture SMS?

I see lots of the same question, but no answer. I don't want a community hub. I want tech support. Someone mentioned a ticket. How do you raise a ticket?
I can't send pictures with SMS. No since I've started 3 weeks ago (i.e. it is not a temporary down) I've downloaded the service drivers multiple times. I've entered the manual settings multiple times. I had my CISCO-certified network technical son create a profile with the manual settings. And still no pictures sent with SMS.
Can someone in FIZZ please fix my account?
I have a Galaxy 7, model SM-G930U. Android 8.0.0. Samsumg experience version 9.0 Kernel version 3.18.71-14970140.
What other information do you need to fix things. This is not a Huawei phone.


  • Mos
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    Tickets are created through chat or contact form, go in your account to my profile>>contact forms
  • We are users just like you.You need to contact the support and they will open a ticket for you. Meanwhile try using the app "Messages" from the store.
  • J D. #792
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    if you are using a 3rd party message/sms app, verify if your message app have a setting for MMS, you may need to add the same Fizz setting from inside the app. I use the app called YAATA instead of the native one and I have the same problem then I notice in the app setting also have MMS setting, after I entering the Fizz setting, it works.
  • I had this issue as well. It turned out that to send picture SMS (also known as MMS) you need to have a data as part of your package. That wasn't the case with my previous provider (Fido) but it is the case with Fizz. Once we added data, we were able to send the pictures over SMS.
  • when I signed up it was for unlimited TEXTS !
    my plan says unlimited sms
    that is not what I signed up for
  • You need to have data in your plan too and it needs to be turned on. My kids turn off their data unless they want to use it and they won't get any MMS messages without the data turned on.
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