How can I contact someone who can fix my issue blocking me from adding a payment method?

So first, my card was deleted from the account out of nowhere, the one that had worked fine for the past 6 months or so. Then, when I tried to add a new payment method, with a total of zero cards on the account, I was told I had reached the max number of cards on my account. So I got help from support to reset the limit.
Now, the payment method didn't go through, so I deleted the card, rechecked all the info, and put that in. Now, again, with no cards, I was told I had reached the max. So I went to support again figuring they could reset it again.
Big fat nope, apparently the max number of cards (which doesn't even function that way, it's more like "max number of payment info input tokens") can only be reset once.
So what now? I'm literally lost with how ridiculous this system is. You think it'd be easier for me to give them money.


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