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Did everyone receive a $2 rebate upgrade for internet?

I noticed it in my account but I don't have internet. Is this a perk of some kind?


  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    You get that reward when you are level 5.


    Here's a good summary of Fizz rewards


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    They give you that as a promotion
  • __________
    __________ Posts: 2,496
    I already received 2 rewards of $2 and 2 other rewards of $1 for a total of $6 even if I'm not a Fizz internet subscriber.
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    @Gato, every customer gets those rewards when they level up.

    Look at them as additional incentive to sign-up for Fizz Internet. You will be able to apply 3 of the upgrades and get up to $5 off every month.

  • It's included in the level-up system independently of the type of service you subscribed to (mobile and/or internet)
  • J D. #792
    J D. #792 Posts: 314
    I guess they only give upgrade to people that doesn't have internet plan :D
    I have internet plan and been at level 3 before activating internet plan. I don't see any internet upgrade in my account.
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