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Anyone else having truoble retreiving vm?

I noticed in the past two weeks I am unable to retrieve my voice messages. When I press a long 1 on the key pad it now automatically says I have 30 seconds to record a greeting for incoming callers to hear. However I no longer get the option to retrieve my messages.

Please Help


  • GRACE F.
    GRACE F. Posts: 5
    Hi Irene,
    No I never recorded my own vm greeting. I always had the prerecorded one.
  • Takion
    Takion Posts: 329
    They oblige you to record a greeting since the beginning of the week
  • GRACE F.
    GRACE F. Posts: 5
    Hi Takion,
    I guess I missed that memo :) probably was sent via voice message. I will try to sent one up and see if it makes a difference. Thank you
  • Zef
    Zef Posts: 68
    The same happened to me.My solution:record any greeting then go inside Your VM.Go to settings(option 3)then delete You greeting.You get same setting like before(prerecorded)Probably Fizz resented some or all VM.
  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 738
    Recordeed my greeting when I activated Fizz two months ago and everything is working fine: same greeting as before and calls go to voicemail.
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