How do I contact to Fizz support for my phone?

I need to contact Fizz support because after I got a few help from Fizz community but those helped not working at all. If Fizz ia not able to send technical team , please let me know for stopping trying.
I am waiting for technical team to send an email to fix my problem to finish activating for my phone from last Friday until now but never get reply from technical team yet.
If Fizz is too busy, please tell me what to do for cancellation because as far as I did submitting order but I do not have contract issued from Fizz yet and do not have full services as ordered by me. If Fizz do not issue me contract yet that meant that Fizz do not charge by monthly, right?
If Fizz can not fix, please let me know and let me go off Fizz. It really bothers me much and upset as I can not contact Fizz service. I really hate the way handling to contact from Fizz. If I knew earlier for anything is based community hub for answers I may not want Fizz and I do not like the way question and answer because everyone is different situation. I hope this question getting into Fizz service and Fizz tell me stop using Fizz and I am happy to say goodbye to Fizz.
It is so wasting my time.and waited payment for Sim card and I really do not want to rely on Fizz community because they tried their best already and I do not want bother them.


  • Kovid
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    Fizz is reachable only online
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