After submitted order during activate is phone works but text is no and no data?

I contacted Christine and another one on chatting and they said technical team on the way and will send an email to fix when my phone is no text , no data but I waited whole night 12 hours but no Fizz technical team email me for help. What the heck of Fizz service?


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    Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

    Here is Fizz's FAQ on how to check your phone service



    Since you're able to make and receive calls, it looks like you just need to set your APN and turn on your DATA.



    If problem persists, you need to contact Fizz support

    as per instructions here:


    Logon to your account and
    open this page during business hours:
    and wait for the chat bubble (at bottom right).

    Hope it will be resolved soon.

  • Please give it a few more days to see if it fixes itself, and if it doesnt, then go ahead and contact the support team either using the chat function on the help page or my contacting them using facebook messenger.