Error to order sim

I was login to my account and after I want to order my sim for first time , i saw a error with this text
"You have reached the maximum number of credit cards allowed on an account"
This is my first apply to order and I don't know why this error appear
I am waiting for your response


  • Legandir
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    It seems like multiple people are having this problem over the last day or two. Use the chat bubble on the lower right corner of an article in the solution hub to chat with customer service and get it resolved.
  • I had the same issue, but once i was able to order, they never sent it, because i ordered too many :/
  • Fizzy
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    Here is info to contact Fizz customer service

    Logon to your account and go to this help page

    You can reach Fizz via chat bubble on bottom right of screen.

  • Contact fizz customer service they will gladly help you!
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