Fizz won't fix add-on problem - beware

I had purchased another usa data add-on.
Fizz ended it before even 1 month was up but will not refund my money or fix the issue.
I opened a ticket to complain and they just close the ticket or they don't bother to answer back.
They know there is a problem but won't fix it, and have stopped replying to the complaint form I submitted.
Beware - they might not give you what you pay for, and then will not fix issues.


  • Legandir
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    This is scary! They even stop communication... Who does that...
  • Code_KRUEW
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    Try contacting them through the chat bubble or through Facebook Messenger. I bought a travel add-on and was not able to use it while I was away. They were unable to resolve the issue before I returned and when I contacted them (through the chat bubble), they promptly refunded me for the travel add-on.
  • DinoS
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    Fizz support is becoming frustrating now. I lost so many referrals because of past 2 outages, on top of that, they stop the referral program. If Fizz is serious, they need think twice their price, as well as changing the whole support team to someone who know better , not keep repeating the robot replies.
  • Thanks for sharing. I had issues where they would take money from my wallet for US roaming when I have Canada+USA plan. Took couple weeks of messages, but they had refunded it.
  • This is crazy - their service did NOT work in the USA and they are claiming they can't prove it didn't work on their side so they do not want to help me or refund.
    I KNOW how to use the add-on and have used an add-on 2 times before in the USA with this same phone.
    It didn't work this time and they are not accepting any responsibility.
    Stay away from using their add-ons if you don't want to get ripped off.
  • it's about 90 days and they never fixed the data upgrade problem. they closed ticket very fast and move on, without doing anything to fix it.
  • Kovid
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    Thanks for letting us know