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Can I order a Fizz sim card without making a plan?

I am considering joining Fizz, but my current 2 year contract is only up in a couple of months, in the meantime, I'd like to purchase a Fizz sim card so that I can make a plan right away and activate it, should I decide to suck it up and pay the buyout fee for my other provider earlier. Can I do this? or do I have to make a plan and pay for the plan as well in the meantime? Also, how much do the sim cards cost?


  • You can order the sim card first, but you can't create the plan until your ready to use it. Unfortunately you won't get to profit off of the introductory prices since they are over and the stabilization prices will only last a a couple more months, so there isn't really much point in activating right now.
  • A bit of ranting: Be careful, don't order more than 1 SIM card at a time. Since they will charge you and won't ship it.
    They will blame an internal system error and will ask for your full bank statements, like they don't have access to their own processing.
  • Yes you can
  • Yes you order your sim card first. Once you receive it you will be able to create a plan with Fizz !
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