My account was changed without authorization; how long for correction and refund?

Yesterday I had a 1gb plan; today Fizz decided to change it to an 8Gb plan and double the price. How long to fix it and refund the money?


  • @Fizzy where did you get that info? I've checked our agreement and I don't see anything about it.
    If my plan would be terminated - one would simply take my time to sue them.
  • Fizzy
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    Credit card chargeback should only be used as last resort.

    Depending on which credit card company, they will ask either you (the payer) or Fizz (the payee) to provide more details. If you supply proof and the chargeback is authorized, Fizz will terminate/suspend your service. From Fizz's prespective, this is like cancelling your service. You will then need to contact Fizz to resolve the issue.

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