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Referral Bonuses?

my account is unsubscribe, and I reactived it at the same time, i don't know can i also receive the Referral Bonuses, because I invited 2 persons before....


  • gremiobr
    gremiobr Posts: 237
    Just like Imane said, your situation it’s quite complicated, you should contact fizz by chat or Facebook messenger
  • Once you unsubscribe, you automatically lose everything, points, referrals, bonuses, everything. If you unsubscribed by error you may contact support and see if they are willing or able to make an exception for you.
  • I think it's better to find fizz staff to help you directly, you might get real and accurate answers.
    You can contact them in private by chat or Facebook, here is the info how to : https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us.
    Have a great day!
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