Need a solution to be reachable during the stabilization period?

For those of you having problems (or fear having some) with Fizz's mobile service, know that there is a free service that provides a virtual telephone line (VoIP) on your phone or computer.

You get a personnal phone number (and even access to a voice mail I believe); I used it to test my line when I became a client at Fizz.

VoIP means that it uses data but the required audio quality being not very high, it should'nt take much. So for those who have access to their data or a nearby wifi hotspot, I think it'll prevent a lot of headaches.

That being said, this is not a permanent solution that can fully replace Fizz on the long run cause since the service is free, it has its limitations (call duration and destination if I remember correctly).

You can download the application by following the links below:


In hope that it'll allow Fizz to stabilize it's service without making it's customers mad! :-)
Have a nice day!


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    FYI, they might take down your post...Community board rules...Can't mention a "competitor" and/or a stable options ;)
  • good suggestion for having an alternative number to be reached at, only issue as you mentioned is if the Fizz network is down and data's not working you'll still have to find a wifi connection.
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