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Anyone working to fix the problems?

I have an ongoing problem with my data connection since 29th of March and all they say is that a ticket was opened. Two weeks and counting. Again I am saying that this service wasn't ready to be provided outside beta plans. Videotron should step in and help this new network. There is no way to make a complaint. CCTS doesn't know about this ghost network ruled by a bubble chat. They couldn't find a way to contact them. We are in a bubble chat world.
People are working for real for Fizz?
I am not the only one with log dealt problem. They shall pay us because we test the network.
Run, run away from fizz to keep your personal insanity.


  • Nefertiti
    Nefertiti Posts: 24
    I am not the only one with long dealt problem. They should pay us because we test the network and not wasting my time bubblechating . I am being stupid. I should run away from this company to keep my insanity.
  • Irene
    Irene Posts: 1,308
    Hi Nicoletta,
    I understand your disappointment (to be nice)
    however, I believe that it is the same problem posted here
    We are users as you.
  • Nefertiti
    Nefertiti Posts: 24
    Believe me I have tried everything. There is no way. I was on the phone with them and they told me they cannot find a way to give me a solution.
  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    This is crazy, they cannot solve it? I am became to be afraid to have any problem.
  • Nefertiti
    Nefertiti Posts: 24
    Fizz doesn,t give a sh.t. No f.g solution yet. This is a curse.
  • I logged a complaint with the CCTS when I had issues activating my Fizz line. It took them 21 days to activate, however the CCTS did contact me and I was giving a 1 month credit for my trouble so they absolutely do know about Fizz and will do something to help You need to go fill out a complain and they will call you usually with 24-48 to confirm the issue. Then within 30 days they will get back to you to see if your issue has been resolved and offer help if you still need it.
  • Nefertiti
    Nefertiti Posts: 24
    I know. I have already filled a complaint. They haven't fixed my problem but I have full service while abroad. This is quite stupid. My new hobby is chatting every morning with the fuzzy bubble chat.
    Have a good one.
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