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Stabilization period plan change, Lose intro rates?

If we change plans within the Stabilization period after April 12th, will we still be eligible for the intro rates after the period ends, or once we do a plan change it will be as we have signed up after April 12th?


  • FC
    FC Posts: 92
    I prefer to wait until Fizz make a clear notice. In the past, some posts said that some rep mention all of us will lose the intro price when the stabilization price end. Actually it is not correct. We finally have the official answer: no, we will not lose the intro price. So, I prefer to wait to have the official answer for this question.
  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 567
    Irene is right!
    The Whizz clarification cannot be more clear : https://community.fizz.ca/questions/1944868-update-stabilization-period.
    All those who will be Fizz subscribers by April 12 (date marking the end of introductory prices) have until the end of stabilization period to change their plan and yet keep the introductory prices.
  • Looler
    Looler Posts: 34
    The thing that is not clear is what do they consider "members who will have subscribed". When I changed my plan a few days ago, I received a new "Mobile Services Agreement", with a new activation date. Am I a new subscriber or not? Will I be when I change again in a few months, during the stabilization period?
  • R S.
    R S. Posts: 45
    see attached you will not lose rates if changed while stabilization period!
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