Do you still not have LTE data since the outage? Possible explanation inside.

NYOTT Posts: 8 ✭✭
Have you been going mad trying to figure out why you can't get LTE data? Have you tried going into airplane mode, restarting your phone or removing and reinserting your SIM? Don't bother. This is an issue that is affecting many users, not just you.
It appears that some users have had their accounts provisioned for only access to the 3G/H/H+ bands. You are likely one of those users. The reasoning provided is that while Fizz undergoes stability operations, that some users using certain phones have had their services diminished to stabilize the network.
However, this does not appear to be true as if you swap out your SIM and put it in another phone, you still only get 3G/H service. If you put another Fizz customers SIM in your phone, you get LTE back. So what's the deal Fizz? You need to be more transparent with what you are doing to your customers.


  • Chris P. #37
    Chris P. #37 Posts: 141 ✭✭
    Service is 100% going to be acting weirdly during the stabilization period, it was the same thing when a few other providers started (that I will not name). Let's just hope it starts working better towards the end of the stabilization period.
  • Ryan B. #977
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    it seems that soem hauwei devices have been LTE access disabled from them. So if you have a Hauwei device and your LTE isn't working this is likely why
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