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Roll over - can I put data to zero in my plan and keep using roll-over?

I have unused data. If I change my plan to zero data, unlimited voice and text, can I still use my rolled over data next month? Thanks


  • Irene
    Irene Posts: 1,308
    Please let us know
  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 567
    I cancelled my data last cycle because I use very little data.
    Now I am using roll-over data from last cycle. But to see the data, you need to click on usage in your account. There, you can also find your daily usage if it is of interest to you.
  • Leifuer
    Leifuer Posts: 457
    It seems that you could not. Roll-over has an expiry date. It is not re-accumulated month by month
  • Actual what I understand is if you change your plan to "No DATA" no data will be rolled over. But if you have applied any Bonus Reward good for 24 mouths (100MB/250MB/500MB) it will be there each month but any unused will vanish a the end of your cycle.
  • @SEAN, any news from customer service?
  • They have responded that my plan is still present, but that it doesn't show on the website. I was also charged as if my plan hadn't changed at all, so it sounds like it is a pretty weird bug.
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