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Anyone haveing issue receiving SMS today?

Bosur Posts: 2
Since this morning around 9:30 (last time I received a SMS) I have not been able to receive any SMS.
I have tried to restart the phone many time, removed the SIM as well, also tried the SIM in 2 different phones and still no luck with receiving my SMS. The APN setting are fines, I have doubled checked them.
I'm able to send SMS and they are received, I'm able to make and receive calls not a single SMS has been received on my phone since this morning. I have asked different people to send me some on different carrier.


  • Same here. My services are off! Nothing is working. Just go to another phone carrier.
  • Not just you, my wife told me she was experiencing the same thing. Send SMS works fine but receiving she cannot get from anyone. I've reset her APN settings, Android is updated to the latest and the phone was rebooted so it definitely seems to be a problem on Fizz side. There was another article about receiving a welcome message from Fizz which takes about 48 hours but that's not applicable for us.
  • Irene
    Irene Posts: 1,308
    @Bosur: Is your problem solved?
  • Bosur
    Bosur Posts: 2
    Ok, so I ended up finally being able to talk to a support rep over the chat. He couldn't help out but end up escalating my ticket.
    I have not yet heard back from them but suddenly today at 3:00 PM I started getting some old text from Thursday. But then it stop and I would receive any test i made at that time.
    Later around 6 got every other message I believe were sent to me since last Thursday Morning and everything has been good since.
    Waiting a couple of days to see if it will persist or if the issue comes back.
  • I have the same problem. It must be related to the never ending issue of sms and 2.factor authentication messages that are not delivered by fizz from several companies, (Microsoft, Google, etc...). My guess is that fizz has to handle some sort of SMS encryption from certain companies, and they lack the ability to do this, so SMS from these companies do not go through. It would seem that fizz is sending through the encrypted raw messages from RBC or incorrectly decrypting the messages. Either way, messages received from RBC short code 722258 are just scrambled characters. This is just an educated guess, but it is what I will assume is the issue, since fizz have not actually explained their reason for not being able to fix this after months and months of the problem being known. This week I had to 2-factor authenticate for WhatsApp, Google, and Microsoft, and I was not able to receive any sms messages, had to have them call me and listen to the author codes being read out. This is an absolutely ridiculous situation to be in and Fizz seems to not be taking this issue seriously, they even list the status of the service as having no issues, when clearly they know this is an ongoing issue.
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