no service again after last week's

Jean J
Jean J Posts: 23
Just after one week, fizz down again. I'm in gatineau. Could fizz stuff handle this, or fix the problem?


  • I had the same issue again today they need to fix this because it’s getting annoying now especially when certain people use this phone for work
  • Dame issue again today
  • Same here in Montreal
  • Shilgi
    Shilgi Posts: 191
    Same problem since9am
  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 570
    The same nightmare again.
    I am very reluctant to refer people to the service.
  • Everyone should make a formal complaint to CCTS as Fizz is forced to respond to every single one:
  • Irene
    Irene 🌈 💲 🎁 REFERRAL CODE ▶ 5JATM ◀ CODE DE RÉFÉRENCE 💲 🎁 🏃‍♀️ 🕧 🌈Posts: 2,366
    For now is fixed
  • Fizzy
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    Mobile is up again, but you most likely already know.

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