Fizz WIFI APP doesn't work

Hello everyone,
My Fizz wifi app doesn't work and i got always a troubleshooting when i wanna connect to it , this issue start from today and i still can't connect to it , does anyone of you have a same issue ?
Thanks for your replay


  • Adriana Z.
    Adriana Z. Posts: 100
    Mine works IOS, i got an update a few days ago, check if you have any updates pending
  • gremiobr
    gremiobr Posts: 237
    Here it’s working fine, try maybe delete and reinstall the app
  • R1ck_D
    R1ck_D Posts: 494
    - You need to be at the same location of your Fizz Modem/Router.
    - Your mobile Phone need to be connected to the own network (i.e.: your Fizz network)
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