SIM not provisionned, can't access the advanced parameters to resend the notification and APN settin

I've tried everything I saw online to setup my sim but nothing's really doing anything..


  • Jared
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    Did you just activate your SIM card? If your getting an error when clicking Resend Notification, you have to wait until Fizz texts you that the setup is complete. I had the same issue.
    For me, the resend notification doesn't work, so i had to manually setup the APN.
  • I did just activate my SIM. What I'm saying is that there is no button to go to the advanced parameters in my Manage Plans window, which has been confirmed to me as a known bug. Also, I setup the APN settings the same as described on the web page but still nothing.
  • Mike
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    Therefore, you are able to make a call?
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