Who is good to use Fizz?

As we know, Fizz is a brand new company. It brings us lots of features and reasonable price. As a new company, of course it would have issues. They need us to find the problems and fix the problems. However, you might not be good to use Fizz if you:
1) use your phone for business (even they don’t allow). You will loss your important business call
2) survive on the mobile. Anyone has important matters and need to use mobile, should think about it.
3) don’t have patience and suffering on the issues. As a new company, I think they also want to be succeeded without any issues. I am not focusing on their issues. I just look at what they did when the issue comes. Yes, they have big problem yesterday. But they were working hard on it. So, I will standby with Fizz. I don’t have business to use Mobile; I don’t have important matters for the family at this moment; I can make call in the office and at home (using Wi-Fi call). Even no mobile yesterday, I have enough time with family without interruption. I don’t mind Fizz outage any day, even I don’t want it happen :). It is not the end of the world. Enjoy your life with your family or friends.


  • Adriana Z.
    Adriana Z. Posts: 100

    Yes, the main thing here is that if you need your phone to be 100% working and you are using it for business you SHOULD NOT use Fizz right now, you might lose money trying to save

  • Mike
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    @adrianna I believe that the point is that is against the agreement to use the plan for business
  • Sebastien
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    Non-tech savvy people, those who depend of Cx Care and tech support (those who actually post the same message 10 times) should prevent to take the service with Fizz too. It well said this is for "DIYers" who need to save some money.
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