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No Service still?

I still have no signal, can't send or receive messages. When is this going to be fixed im regretting switching to this.


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    It was supposed to be fixed.
    You are better off contacting the support.
  • Fixed since 22:30 pm yesterday. Works fine for me today. Did you tried to reboot your phone? If still no luck, communicate with Fizz support on the chat.
  • Normster
    Normster Posts: 67
    From what I’ve see pretty much everybody is back on the network....
    Please try a reboot on your device if it’s not done already and contact support ASAP !
  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 738
    All good for me, too, on iPhone 6 in Montreal. Restart your phone.
    When I restarted my phone today, it went to Fizz EXT and then to Fizz network (automatically).
  • Reboot your phone and then have it search the network automatically.
  • contact the support because it's quiet strange
  • MRA
    MRA Posts: 62
    I also still had no signal and could not receive any messages around 10AM. However, I contacted them using Messenger and ultimately fixed it. Just make sure you constantly message them because they initially ignored my problem.
  • Thanks everyone it is resolved now, not sure how to delete the question
  • humonculi
    humonculi Posts: 75
    Service is back since 10pm on the 25th. Try restarting your phone.
    P.S. I just got an email everyone will be receiving 2gb of data as compensation.
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