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I've had the opportunity to have the beta price of Internet and decided to go with 30 (speed). However I don't think it's fast enough and when I went to change my speed plan I realized the Internet plans for pricing changed (doubled). Did those beta plan prices leave for the beginning users? Are we not able to change the Internet plan speed without paying the higher price available to the public?


  • gremiobr
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    If you change now, it will cost the new prices, unfortunately.
  • Leifuer
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    You can only keep the beta price if you will not change your plan, otherwise, you need to pay the regular price...
  • Worth to try contacting Fizz by chat maybe they can change your plan without losing your beta prices. Let us know!
  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,940
    Internet beta phase is over. If you change your plan you'll have to pay the new price.
  • I see only 2 options:
    #1- wait for the next promotion on internet pricing
    #2- try contacting fizz by chat support and try to negotiate with them for a speed increase at "old" beta pricing.
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