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Is the network coverage and quality good enough ?

Wizrdo Posts: 43
I'm about to transfer my number to fizz and I was wondering what you guys think of the general quality of the network ? Is there recurrent down times ? Some bugs ? Is the coverage as good as other providers ? Thanks


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    knock on wood, for now I do not have any personal problem.
  • __________
    __________ Posts: 2,496
    I had a few glitchs with SMS/MMS 2 times during the last 2 months I'm with them and it was not for a long period. Except for that, I never had any other concern since then and I'm highly satisfied.
  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 567
    So far coverage and quality are very good in the Ottawa area and in Quebec for me. I will put them on more tests in the spring /summer as I travel elsewhere in the country or in the USA.
    You didn't ask but features are a whole different question depending on what you use your phone for.
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    Coverage has been very good in Quebec and southern Ontario for me. There haven't been any major network glitches in quite a while. There are some on going problems with shortcode 2FA though.
  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,941
    Fizz has a serious bug with their billing system : your plan may be suspended for 24 hours when they attempt to apply an automatic payment at the beginning of the cycle even with a good credit card
  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    I forgot, to mention that fizz has a problem with some company for the SMS.
    Therefore, the SMS sent from some companies are not delivered to your phone.
  • I have the most reliable test for quality issues and outages. I am notified immediately when there are any issues no matter what time of day or night it is. The system is tested almost 24x7 with the most rigorous of testing. My daughter is using the phone for now.
  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 733
    Been with Fizz three weeks and ZERO issues. Very reliable service, get all my texts, and great price. Save 20$ a month!
  • I have used fizz service for several months. The service is reliable and good, but there are some bugs in their web site.
  • Leifuer
    Leifuer Posts: 457
    The signal is not strong enough as expected.
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