Modem rebooting regularly

Installed Fizz modem this week. It reboots on its own on a regular basis.
I have the Hitron modem. Model CODA-4680
I logged in the status and see uptime is 1 minute, so I know for sure it rebooted.
Modem temperature looks fine.
I am typically an advanced user, but dont see any advanced logs...
This happens multiple times a day. Ssid dissapears when rebooting, so family complains internet is unstable.
Wondering if I got a bad modem. Seamed brand new when I got it.
Can Fizz support assist?


  • M T. #338
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    You may try to reset to factory to see if it helps (cusadmin default password at reset is : password )
  • Lopresor
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    Also, since you are an advanced user, have you tried splitting the dualband and changing channels to reduce conflicts ? I don't know if that will prevent the modem from restarting but you can give it a try.
    Your modem might also be overheating (happens when people forget to remove the plastic covers and not put the modem upright).
  • Sohaib O.
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    Hey Annabel,
    You should probably check the cables if they are the faulty ones.
  • If the modem reboots by itself it may be due to your power bar, try a new power bar or contact fizz through messenger in order to obtain technical help. It could be your modem is faulty as well
  • Trying to address all questions / comments provided.
    The modem / router is plugged into a power bar. The other device on the power bar is not resetting. So its not power.
    I had already unplugged waited and plugged back. Modem still rebooted.
    Modem reboots intermittently, but only a couple times a day. Not every minute. So its usable but annoying when my boy looses his online game.
    Factory reset is most likely the next thing I will try.
    Doing dual band should help with communication issues related to other devices, but should not cause a router to reboot.
    Modem is not hot. Plastics are all removed. Nothing on or around the modem.
    I was doing a lot of upload (backup to cloud) when the modem rebooted. But that should not cause a modem to reboot.
    Having multiple devices connected to a router should not cause a router to reboot.
    The SSID is a seperate question. Router is working, just reboots a couple times a day.
    For now I set Wireless network 2.4 Ghz to 802.11g only. It should not have any effect on a router reboot.
    So far up for 16 hours.
    Will wait and see if it reboots again.
    So next step is to try a factory reset and contact support if it reoccurs.
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