Signed up with referral code but I do not see it

I signed up to Fizz using the link gave by my friend which included a referral code
However, after signing up, I do not see the bonus on my account "My Profile" > "Referral Bonuses"
From this official answer here:
"If you didn’t apply your friend’s referral code when you signed up, you’re out of luck."
Sounds like the referral code hasn't been applied at the time of signup. It might have been because I did not click on the sign-up right away, but I first went to create the plan.
I haven't yet ordered my SIM card because I want to know if I need to sign up straight from the page that has the referral so that it is used. I can create another Google account for that.


  • JoGF
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    The referral code is placed when you order something just before placing you credit card number for the SIM card or the plan.
    You can also insert the code after the web site url.
    The web server will then automatically fill for you whenever you need to.
  • Sebastien
    Sebastien Posts: 2,127 ✭✭
    Go to "my profile" on your account, then "referal bonuses". Should be in pending. Must be activated after your 2nd payment, and will be applied on the 3rd one.
  • Alexandru Guzu
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    Thank you all for the replies.
    I in fact did search the community and found the answer from Fizz team before posting this question:
    "If you didn’t apply your friend’s referral code when you signed up, you’re out of luck."
    As the answer says "signed up" not activation, I am really confused about when I can actually enter the code.
    Other members say it's activation, but without this being officially stated somewhere I only have their word for it and I cannot hold them accountable.
    I guess I will carry on with ordering the SIM card but should not give any CC info without having the opportunity to enter the referral code.
  • Alexandru Guzu
    Alexandru Guzu Posts: 5 ✭✭
    So I ordered the SIM card and the referral code appeared in the box automatically, but I think you have to click the green arrow to have it applied... We'll see
  • Arthur J
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    enter the referral code at activation time - if it does not work reach out t support
  • Leifuer
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    As mentioned above, it is during the activation step, not just signing up step.

    Good luck!
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