Anyone find Fizz rewards a bit underwhelming ?

Lopresor Posts: 257 ✭✭
Compared to Public Mobile, 1 referral nets both you and the new user 25$ (the same as Fizz), you get 1$ off your monthly bill every month as long as the other user is active, and you get 2$ off your plan with self-serve.
Their 1gb, unlimited talk & text plan for 23$ (25$ - 2$ with self serve) is gaining a LOT of attention among my friends and in the forums. I just wonder how Fizz will stay competitive once the beta prices end.
Public Mobile doesn't have a call center just like Fizz, they are to Telus what Fizz is to Videotron, and they rely a lot on forums and community participation. With enough participation, you can reduce your monthly bill by up to 20$.
Does anyone feel like rewards / leveling program with Fizz should be more ? Especially since beta is about to end ? It feels like it takes forever to level up, and paying bills don't actually net you anything.
I know Public Mobile uses 3G speed (3mbps), but that's usually enough for normal regular use. They also get access to Telus LTE network.
I love Fizz and want them to stay competitive, but with a concurent like Public Mobile, how can Fizz survive post beta ?


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