Is telus better than fizz ?

I am thinking about to switch network and i need some info about the coverage because sometime i go in the wild i am not always home but i live on cave (the second floor) and i have no difficulty to send receive call with my actual provider and also need to know if it's safe to switch provider with my old phone number it's my professional number so of course i need to keep my number thanks :/


  • But if you have thick walls from where i saw you live it will be difficult with any provider to make you receive a good signal my girlfriend is with videotron and she have to stick to her window to receive text and calls so she had no choice to buy an extra plan for home phone plus internet so finally if you are ok with telus i would suggest not taking a chance :)
  • I'm in the same situation than you i live on an apartment basement too the wall are thick and tower for signal is lik 30km far and all is working like a charm but for going in the forest this is almost impossible for any provider as they rely to people community and not for calling trees doesn't have mobile phone that said you can also buy yourself a signal booster for real cheap price at amazon
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    If someone needs to speak near the windows i will suggest to buy a cordless that can be connect with a Bluetooth to the mobile or to use a Bluetooth earphone
  • Do you talk about a cordless Bluetooth headset ?
  • Thank you for all the answers i will buy a booster for my vacancy summer house :) I'll make you all best answers
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