Hi guys do you have ideas for a game ?

Hello community hi have a brand new idea because fizz is looking awesome it brings freshness to the mobile world and i would ask developpers if ever they are planning to make a game on fizz here is my idea a social role play game multiplayer for android and ios like a social media into a fizz world would be grat to meet each other in a game accomplish some mission and creating our avatar the company sloshe already made a game of this kind and it was a success i want to ear from you if yes or no its a good idea to implement a game section on fizz because i really love the community here and i would love to meet you all in a freeroam game just hanging here around with friends and making our personage evolving in the fizz universe :) it could be pretty much addictive and also a huge publicity for the new born in canada :) if moderators dev and team of fizz could also share their tought on my idea would be great thanks :)


  • I am selling properties for particulars and i am involved in recognizing marketing ideas it sound like something a little risky to not say weird for a new company it need more maturity and financial benefits to support network for game if i was you a would be less enthusiasts about that bu the idea is not completely stupid by itself
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    Send fizz by contact form and ask Fizz. New idea is always welcome.
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    This is definitely not the right platform for gaming.
    I would think this is a platform to help each other for matters related to mobile and Internet services. That's my humble opinion.
  • thank you thomas :) i never tought to contact them what is the email address for that ?
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