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I have 2 Internet account on 2 different accounts under the same address

Lopresor Posts: 257
My cousin added my address under his name when he first got the beta Internet, so I have Fizz Internet 120/20 with him. Everything is installed and well until I got an invite one day prior to the end of Fizz beta. I signed up again using my address, and it allowed me to do it. Now, I have my old plan on my cousin's account, and my new plan on my account. I can't cancel the appointment, nor can I cancel it. What do ? I tried contacting Fizz support, waiting for a supervisor email, but never got any response... I don't want to be paying twice for the same service.


  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    Why not ask your cousin to cancel the service on his account?
  • Yeah, got a ticket for MMS issue and got an email 1 week after, telling it's my phone or my girlfriend phone. Both are working fine with other SIMs. The issue is simply a wrong datestamp when she's receiving. Only from me. Working fine for both with any other carriers. Still would like the issue fixed, but still can live with it... I don't want to give 30$ more each month to another provider. But it's very frustrating.

    Sometimes they are just very slow to provide an answer who's not helpful at all...

    The best is to contact them again and again over the chat. Good luck!

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