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exit from fizz


  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 738
    @Nik: you are going to another wireless carrier? Would be curious to know why as I have had no problems with them so far.
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    This is a user forum, not a direct line to Fizz customer service. If you need to communicate with Fizz directly, here are ways to do so.
  • Sorry to learn you want to leave. Please don't put your personnal infos here. Community hub is customers like you, and pages are indexed on Google, so anybody can find them. Please communicate with Fizz over the chat.
  • Sohaib O.
    Sohaib O. Posts: 35
    I think you should contact fizz directly to answer your issue.
  • Nate W.
    Nate W. Posts: 16
    Sorry to hear you go... its been good for me so far... no major issues and cant beat the cheap price. Too bad the beta is over next month
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