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I received this reply in regards to missing referrals:
"Regarding your referral bonus, unfortunately you unsubscribed your (mobile )plan before your friend has made the second monthly payment and as a consequence you lost you bonus."
I got rid of my mobile plan but still have internet... why wouldnt that referral bonus be applied to my FIZZ account for internet since it is listed under my Fizz account & I'm still a client?!?
So mobile referral credits only apply to mobile phone billing? Then why have the 2 services under the same Fizz account?
Even your referral verbiage is rather vague & can be applied to either service since it doesnt stipulate only for mobile phones... "Friends with benefizz Refer a friend to Fizz and you’ll each get $25. Share the joy and invite as many friends as you like!"
If this is the case, I guess I'm not gonna bother porting the 3 other people this week....


  • Sebastien
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    On the Website, they are telling that they have a referral bonus for Internet too. You might take a chance and communicate with them by chat, but I'm afraid they are going to tell you the bonus you lost is valid for your mobile service only...
  • Imad Jomaa
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    The referral bonus is applied to the service you referred the people to. If they signed up with mobile, it'll be on your mobile plan.
  • Kenny L. #23
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    Fizz should update their site to make the referral credit details clearer now that the internet is open for referrals as well.
  • Lopresor
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    I agree the referal bonus details are very vague on their website and you can't find any information other than in the community hub. The referal bonus should be an account wide rebate, meaning it should be applied on your next bill, mobile or Internet, it shouldn't matter. I have never seen a referal credit being applied like this with any other competitors and hopefully Fizz becomes more transparent about these credits. Right now, it's very YMMV.
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