Nothing special for my after-beta plan, just introductory price plan. How about other beta testers?

All good things will come to an end. My beta plan will end after 31 days. Here is email I received. My sms+text plan is just regular introductory plan. How about your guys?
-------------------------------------quote from Fizz beta end e-mail -------------------------------
Hi Anne-Hélène ,
This is the last month of your beta period. When your next payment cycle begins on April 14, 2019, you’ll migrate to the introductory prices currently offered. Great news, these prices are actually better than those initially communicated to you when you activated your Fizz account, as well as the most competitive on the market.
The new price of your plan
You don’t have to do anything. The price of your plan for the number 343XXXXXXX, currently at the price of $2.25, will change automatically. Starting on April 13, 2019, you will pay $18.00 per month.
Thank you for being among the first ones to try out Fizz. Your comments and contribution helped us a great deal, and we are delighted to have been able to count on dedicated members such as you.
Keep sharing your comments and ideas on our Community Hub. It’s always a great pleasure to hear from you.


  • I am about to switch from beta to regular pricing (no other options seem to be available for me) and my bill will go from $7 to $37 without any option to change... Although, I love the service and the idea, Fizz, you can do better than hiking up the price without any option to chose a better price point for me.
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