Credit card not accepted

I have no credit card in my profile.
When I want to add one, I get the message " you have reached max no of credit cards allowed"
I cleared cache, restart, log again, different browser...the same message.
Any solution


  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 567
    The community cannot help with this bug, only a chat with Fizz will fix it.
  • DinoS
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    Facebook messenger
  • I had the same problem. if you go to the fizz facebook page, you can send them a chat message describing your problem. make sure you tell them the email address that you used to setup your fizz account and that you've reached the maximum number of cards. they will send you a reply within 12 hours telling you that they've reset it for you and you can add a card again. my problem turned out to be a mismatch between the billing address on my credit card.
  • TrainFood
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    Contact then via the chat bubble or fb
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