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If I subscribe to Fizz internet, and already have an ISP provide (cable), can i use both services?

Manouk Posts: 4
If I subscribe to Fizz internet, and already have an ISP provider (cable), can i use both services?
I have 1 coax cable coming into the house and plug both modems to a Y split, will they both work?


  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,940
    Yes you can use both services (assuming that you're referring to Beta tests).
    Use y split to connect the Fizz modem.
  • Manouk
    Manouk Posts: 4
    I currently use Altima... and because i work from home, need to make sure Fizz is stable before moving completely. I wonder if Altima is 60mb and Fizz 120mb... can the Y split handle the bandwidth from both providers, or will the speed get penalized.
  • Dallaire_M
    Dallaire_M Posts: 509
    Yes you can
  • Yes you can and both services will have their own speed
  • Yes no problem at all
  • Yes you can.
  • Fizz is good :) !
  • I have total 3 cable internet and one cable telephone at home, all work at the same time and have their own speed, one from Altima which will be cancel next month, another is fizz which installed last week, then my company paid for videotron cable internet and telephone for work use only. they use a 1 to 4 splitter to make it works.
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  • Of course but why.
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