Moving internet service?

Sami Beirouty
Sami Beirouty Posts: 9 ✭✭
Does moving out changes the beta price... please do not answer if you are not sure?? ?


  • DavidP
    DavidP Posts: 301 ✭✭
    At this time for the internet you can’t modify your address. So in order to move you need to unsubscribe and subscribe with your new address and price. It might change after the beta.
  • jean-maxime N.
    jean-maxime N. Posts: 504 ✭✭
    The best is to contact Fizz to be sure and ask them to switch your address.
  • John T. #1614
    John T. #1614 Posts: 24 ✭✭
    I am in the same boat, I contacted Fizz over facebook. Seems there is no plan to allow it to be moved but it "could change"
    "Momentary, at this time, when you will move from a location to another your plan will be deactivated and reactivated as a new and you will loose the beta prices. It is possible but I don't know at the moment, this procedure will change."
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