Why was my unsubscription request not processed?

Vanni Posts: 27 ✭✭
Yesterday I received an email informing me that the beta period would be over at the end of the day. They waited until the last day of my billing cycle to tell me that they were terminating my beta period. I had read on their site that the "introductory period" will be over in April, so I thought the beta period will be over in April, too. Obviously I was wrong, but that's what happens.
So I decided to unsubscribe: I contacted customer service, they explained that I needed to make the request via the "Manage my plan" section of my account. I started doing it, and I kept getting pop-ups asking why I was leaving. I had a conversation with a customer service agent saying that I wanted to transfer my main number to Fizz, but to do that I had to wait to return to Montreal (I am traveling now). He gave me a few indications on how to do that, and I proceeded to cancel. I had to select the reasons why I was canceling, which I did, and then I pressed the Unsubscribe button. Nothing happened, except that it became grey and I couldn't do anything else. I tried to repeat the procedure (I was with my phone) and I still got that grey button. A few hours later I tried to do it via desktop, but I could not access the "Manage my plan" section, there simply wasn't the "Manage" button. So I thought it was because I had requested to unsubscribe. I even tried to gift some GB of data, since I had some left, but I couldn't do it, and I thought it was for the same reason.
This morning I got up and the phone was still working, which was strange. I accessed my area and I saw that my plan's price had gone from $6.50 to $44. I was obviously furious: requested the cancellation again, sent an IM message to Fizz asking to confirm that I had not been charged - they said I was charged $8 but my account was pending. The payment seems to include all the features of my account: data, calls, SMS. I asked for more explanations and they said that my cancellation was requested today so I will have 30 more days with them. However, I still only have the rollover data from last month: this month's data has not been added yet.
I don't understand why I was given only 24 hours to make changes to my plan before the plan went up 600% while they normally request every change to be made at least 48 hours in advance.


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