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Does Fizz/Videotron offer alternate forms of home based internet?

I was offered the beta home internet service but do not have cable in my area as I am quite rural. Does anyone know if there are alternate forms of home based internet that Fizz uses or perhaps will use in the future such as LTE or DSL to help out us schmucks in the sticks?


  • One friend pay $60/month and use 20g fizz data as his home internet.
  • No. Some other companies are resalers for DSL and cable and offering lowest prices, but Fizz is a sub-company of Videotron, offering their technology with an online service only (as Scotia is doing with Tangerine in banking industry, or Intact with Belair Direct in insurance for example), at lower price. So Fizz is Cable only.
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    Try carritel.ca
  • Vmedia or Ebox are other options
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